Kidnapped: Chapter Four

Ryan and Lindsay drove to school together that morning; both of them remained silent the entire ride to Oakbridge High School. Lindsay grabbed her backpack filled with heavy textbooks and binders and dragged it on the floor, looking depressed.

“Lindz,” said Ryan. Lindsay stopped walking, but continued to stare ahead. “Lindz, listen. I’m worried about Lyssa too,” said Ryan. ‘Lyssa’ was Alyssa’s nickname that was given to her in first grade when Ryan mispronounced her name the first time they met. “We can’t go into school looking like something is going on. People will ask questions, and we can’t let anyone else know what’s going on, or else we’ll never be allowed to go look for Lyssa. Okay?”

Lindsay continued to gaze ahead. Her eyes were lifeless; her eyes which were once bright green had faded to a dim olive shade. Lindsay eventually nodded her head and continued to walk towards the school doors.

The day was passing by quickly. It was now lunchtime in the cafeteria for all high school students. Elementary and junior high students ate an hour before the high-schoolers were released for lunch.

“Hey, Lindsay!” yelled Lindsay’s friend Sierra. Lindsay couldn’t help showing a smile. Sierra always found a way to make Lindsay laugh. “Where’s Alyssa? I haven’t seen since the prom,” asked Sierra. Lindsay’s smile faded. She didn’t frown, since she didn’t want Sierra to suspect that anything was wrong. “She’s not feeling well,” Lindsay lied. “Oh. Well, tell her I said to feel better for me, ‘kay?” “Yeah, sure,” said Lindsay. Lindsay grabbed her lunch tray and walked over to the table where Ryan was sitting.

“Rowan and Dawson just texted me and said that they are just being released from biology class,” said Ryan. “They had a quiz that went overtime. They’ll meet us here in a few minutes,” he added.

Lindsay poked at her food. She had lost her appetite the moment she found that her friend was missing, and she never felt hungry after that. Ryan wasn’t eating either. You could tell that he was just as worried for Alyssa as Lindsay was, but he didn’t let his fear show in order to reassure Lindsay that they could be successful in their search.

“Hey, guys,” said Dawson, a tall, somewhat nerdy-looking guy as he sat down with his lunch tray. Immediately following him was Rowan, a somewhat short girl, super skinny and speedy, with dark squinty eyes and pale skin. “Hey,” said Rowan as she dropped her backpack next to her and sat down next to Dawson.

Lindsay gave them both a weak smile and looked at Ryan as if she wanted him to speak for her. “So…” started Lindsay. This was the first time Ryan had heard her speak in a while. “Something serious happened,” she continued. “We know,” said Dawson. “Yeah, I can’t believe it. I just saw Alyssa at prom a few days ago,” added Rowan. “But we promise you, Lindsay, we’ll find her. Dawson is great with computers. I’m good with puzzles. Ryan’s a super quick thinker, and you’re super complex and you’ll be able to think in a way we would have never thought of. We can do this. We’ll meet at Ryan’s house after school?”

The lunch bell rang, meaning that it was time for the students to return to class in ten minutes. They all smiled and nodded at each other, and they got up and went to their next classes. “See you later,” said Ryan.

Kidnapped: Chapter Three


Ryan’s mother answered the door to find Lindsay standing outside drenched in the rain. “Oh, you must be freezing! Come on in, and I’ll find some spare clothes for you.” Lindsay gave Mrs. Clifford a weak smile and walked inside; her wet prom dress was dragging on the floor. “Stay here and I’ll get you some warm clothes to change into.” “Thank you, Mrs. Clifford,” Lindsay said softly. “Please. Call me Anna,” said Anna Clifford with a big smile. Mrs. Clifford went upstairs to find some clothes for Lindsay.

Ryan came downstairs with the spare clothes his mother picked out and greeted her with a smile and a hug. “Here you go, Lindz. Bathroom is straight down the hall on the left.” “Thanks,” said Lindsay in almost a whisper.

Lindsay changed out of her prom dress and into a comfortable pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Lindsay walked into the living room with the soaked prom dress hanging from her arm. “Give it to me and I’ll hang it up to dry, sweetie,” said Mrs. Clifford. “Why don’t you go sit down on the couch with Ryan?”

Lindsay walked over to the couch and sat next to Ryan. “So what brings you here, Lindz? You didn’t sound like yourself over the phone. You sounded kinda freaked out,” he said.

Lindsay gave him a worried look.

“Lindz?” “Um… Something sorta happened at Alyssa’s house. S—something bad.” Ryan looked at her with concern.

“I-I went back to Alyssa’s house after the prom, and I couldn’t find her. I thought she was playing a prank on me,” Lindsay started sobbing. “There was blood staining the couch, and I thought it was simply red marker–but then when I went over there…” Lindsay’s voice trailed off.

“Lindz? What happened? You can tell me.” Ryan ensured Lindsay. “I found her puppy bleeding to death on the couch, and I couldn’t find her anywhere! She’s gone, Ryan!” Lindsay burst out in tears.

Ryan sat quietly in disbelief for at least thirty seconds. “Oh my Lord,” he whispered. He jumped off the couch and rushed into the kitchen to grab his cellphone. “I gotta call the cops!” “Ryan, don’t. I already called…” Lindsay said quietly. “And?” Ryan questioned. “They sent out men to go looking for her, but they—they’re not having any luck.” Lindsay started crying again.

“Then we’ll have to find her ourselves, Lindz. The more time wasted, the higher the chance she’ll get hurt or even worse killed.” “Ryan, this isn’t some television show. This is serious!” Lindsay screamed. “I am being serious Lindz. We can do this. If we don’t try, we might never see her again. And I really, really want to see her again. The three of us have been friends since first grade. She means a lot to me.” Lindsay gulped. “Are you sure? We’re gonna need help. We can’t do it alone.” “I have a friend who’s great with computers. He can help us out. And I’ll ask your friend Rowan if she can help too.”

“We can do this, Lindz. I’m positive.

Alone at War

Ready, aim, fire!

Blood stains all attire

Ashes cover the ground

Loved ones are nowhere to be found

Skin charred

Fires blazing from afar

No father nor mother

No sister nor brother

Surround by flames of a living hell

When the war ends, only time will tell

All in the eyes of a child

Who’s alone at war

Kidnapped: Chapter Two

“Alyssa! The prom was amazing! You should’ve been there! The decorations…” Lindsay squealed as she was walking through the door. She suddenly paused when Alyssa was nowhere to be found. Red stained the couch. “Hardy har har, Alyssa,” Lindsay said sarcastically. “You really think that you can fool me with red marker on the couch? Come on out.”

Not a sound.

“Alyssa, I know you’re here. Come on, stop fooling around.”


Lindsay walked slowly to the couch stained with red; this time, she wasn’t smiling. She hesitantly lifted the blood-soaked blanket very carefully. Lindsay didn’t even scream. She quivered, trying to get words to exit her mouth. “B-B-Bentley??? Wha—what happened?! Where’s Alyssa?!”

Not even a whimper from Bentley, who was now a furry corpse with no life whatsoever.

He was dead.

“No! This isn’t happening! ALYSSA!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?” Lindsay screamed.

She quickly picked up her cellphone and dialed 911. “Hello? You have called 911, what’s your emergency?” said the same female voice that Alyssa has heard earlier.

“Hi, my name is Lindsay Coates. I just walked into my best friend’s house and I found her dog bleeding to death on the couch and I can’t find my friend anywhere. Can you help me?” “Okay, sweetie, I’m going to need your address.” “11786 Redwood Circle, Oakbridge, Illinois.” “And your zip code?” “22791.” “Thank you. Wait a second. I had a call from a girl named Alyssa Michaels earlier from this very address. Do you know her?” “Yes! Yes, I do! Is she okay?!” Lindsay asked. “We sent a group of policemen to your house and we couldn’t find your friend there. We don’t know where she is, but the men are looking for her. Lock all of your doors and windows immediately and keep something close in case someone tries to harm you.” “Yes ma’am. Thank you. Goodbye,” said Lindsay, trembling.

Lindsay had no idea where her best friend was, or where her parents were. Lindsay took a frying pan and sat down on a chair, going through her contact list on her phone to find someone she could stay with for the night.

Once she found out that her friend Ryan was available, she ran to her car in her long prom dress and drove away.

Kidnapped: Chapter One

People were swaying to the sound of soft music on the dance floor at Oakbridge High School senior prom. Boys were dressed in dapper black tuxedos. Girls were twirling in their beautiful, long, sparkly prom dresses—at least most of the girls were. Alyssa, a senior at Oakbridge High, stayed home alone with no one but her furry companion: her puppy Bentley.

Her parents were out of town on business that weekend, so a fellow senior, Lindsay, stayed with her for the weekend, but went to prom that night. “You hungry, buddy?” she said to her puppy. “I’ll get you something to eat, ‘kay? Stay here.”

Alyssa took off her blanket that was on her lap got up from her sofa. She took Bentley’s food bowl and poured in some dog food. She closed the bag and put it back into the cabinet she took the bag out of. Alyssa walked back to the sofa.

“Bentley? Where’d you go, boy?” Alyssa looked around to find Bentley scratching the patio door. “You need to go out, boy? Alright.” Alyssa opened the door and quickly silenced when she saw a shadowed figure run through her backyard.

“Who’s there?! Bentley, come inside now,” she said sternly. Bentley trotted inside and Alyssa immediately closed and locked the door. She ran to lock every window and door in her house.

Alyssa picked up her cellphone and called the police. “This is the police department, how may I help you?” said a woman over the phone. “My name is Alyssa Michaels,” she said quickly. “I’m home alone tonight; my parents are out of town. I was letting my dog outside when I saw someone trespassing on my property. I locked all windows and doors, but I would appreciate it if you came and investigated.” “Certainly. I will need your address.” “11786 Redwood Circle, Oakbridge, Illinois,” Alyssa answered.  “And your zip code?” asked the woman over the phone. “22791.” “I’m sending men over now. They should be there in about five minutes.” “Okay, thank you. Goodnight.”

Alyssa turned around quickly and swallowed in a scream. “You shouldn’t have done that, kid,” said a deep voice of a man dressed in a black cloak. Alyssa’s life flashed before her eyes.

Lights out.

Is a Perfect Society Possible or Even Desirable?

Jessica L.

Mr. Bradley Fish

English 08

27 February 2017

Is a Perfect Society Possible or Even Desirable?

The possibility of a perfect society vanished when Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin. God promised them the perfect life if they did not eat the fruit of the tree. Turns out that they were persuaded by the serpent to eat from the tree, and God punished them with an imperfect life; they were punished with a life of labor, which we will now suffer with for the rest of time. So now, a perfect society is no longer possible.

A perfect society IS however, desirable. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone got along, never fighting? Wouldn’t it be great if there was no such thing as car accidents and death? Wouldn’t it be great if there was no grief in the world, no terrorists and war, only kind, loving people with lives of luxury? Think about this. Everyone desires to live like this. But since Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree, we no longer have the chance to live in a society like this. You can dream about it, but it will never happen. Therefore, a perfect society is desirable, but not possible.

However, everyone in the world can try their best to make society a kind, peace-loving society. If everyone tried their best, we would have a pretty darn great place to live. Maybe one day, the world will come to its senses and try to make our society a better one.

Valentine’s Day

I am handed a little square piece of paper

Called a “valentine”

What is it?

What does it mean?

Often written on it is “BE MY VALENTINE”


But what’s so happy about it

When everyone receives the same piece of paper

From the same person?

I finally sit alone in a corner

Thinking about my loneliness

When someone comes up to me

Without a piece of paper

But with a big heart

And open arms


Not written on a piece of paper

But with a voice


I will be your valentine.